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Clients Say

Renee listens, asks questions, and challenges your thinking in ways that help get you to the insights you are really after. At OpenTable, we have a strong bias towards taking action, yet there are times when we need to take a step back and think through bigger strategic questions. That’s when Renee is a great thought-partner to bring into the mix.

Alisa Weiner
VP of Marketing

I have brought Renee in as a strategic partner at three different organizations. Her perspective is consistently invaluable from the first conversation through the full engagement. Renee asks the right questions, often ones we haven’t thought about, and gets to the heart of the business problem we are solving. Her analysis of the information gathered is always thorough and multi-dimensional, and finds a level of actionable perspective we wouldn’t have had without her. Every time I or my teams have acted on Renee’s insightful analysis and applied what she’s helped us learn, we have seen positive results in our business and a return on our investment.

Greg Nika
Senior Director, Product Marketing

Renee has the ability to grasp complex concepts very quickly. She was very fast to understand our market and the needs and problems of our buyers. She successfully guided us in reformulating positioning and strategy. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Renee for any of your strategic or research needs. She is top notch!

Kirsten Smith
VP of Marketing 

Renee is a rare strategic thinker who is truly a business person at heart. She’s never content with finding out what the data and information says, but rather what it means, what’s the story, and how can it be used to inform business decisions and success. Renee is the one who taught me just how hard this process really is. With Renee, you’ll find her only agenda is about finding the truth.

Chris Grindem
Executive Director